Who We Are

The co-op family currently has 16 instructors of which most started right here taking classes.  We really strive to create an environment that students can feel comfortable and safe in.  We encourage everyone to participate in something we all love to do!

We are a non-profit group. Everything goes to help pay the generator for using the space, to buy equipment for our classes, and host events for the co-op.

How We Started

Before we formed the Reno Aerial Coop, we were just a few girls doing something we thought was fun and challenging. We would go classes hosted at various gyms but soon wanted more. After purchasing our own silks we needed a place to hang them and to practice. Luckily as long time residents at The Generator we knew just what to do.

As time went on people would see us practicing and playing on the silks and we would invite them to join. Quickly more and more people were getting interested so we needed to become organized and thus the co-op was born.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to spread the love and joy of doing aerial silks. We implore anyone to give it a try, no matter age, size, or gender. We strongly believe that everyone should give it a go and that no one should be scared or intimidated to give it a shot.

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